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Who Is This Lady?

I'm Mrs. Heidrich, also known as Mrs. H or Mrs. J or even simply "J" (it's complicated). I teach Honors World History, World Issues, Anthropology, and Climate Policy at Edward Little High School. My educational style could be described as eclectic, with a focus on critical thinking. I aim to be as hands-on as possible, as diverse in my teaching methods as possible, and I tend to dig in hard on literacy and writing.

In my classroom, there is no judgment for political ideology, looks, race, gender identity, style of clothing, or religious beliefs. Every student is allowed space to think, challenge and be challenged. I believe that harboring a space space for intellectual leaps of faith is incredibly important. My educational philosophy is such that everyone has something to learn. 

Some notable achievements of mine include:

- Graduated from the University of Southern Maine in 2011 with a BA in both Anthropology and Geography as a single mother 

- Hiked dozens of mountains with students, and dozens more solo

- Qualified to teach Social Studies, Physical Science, and Life Science

- Awarded the 2017-2018 ELHS "Running With The Bulls Award"

- Chaperoned 37 students on a whirlwind tour of Europe while  7 months pregnant

- Brought 16 students to Australia and New Zealand; saved a student from a kangaroo

- Hiked Mt Washington in Tevas (not advised)

- Traveled to 13 countries and both hemispheres of the world

- Own a small sheep farm and a photography business

- My best friend is a 2,200 pound horse named Teddy. Seriously!




Honors World History

Students can expect to study from the very beginning of Homo sapiens through the birth of civilizations and agriculture to the foundations of religion all the way through the Renaissance. Throughout this course, students can expect a heavy emphasis on creating solid writing skills, honing critical thinking skills, and improving literacy skills particularly on primary sources. Students will also be working extensively on geography in the form of hand-drawing maps. 

World Issues

In World Issues, students can expect to learn about the history of our world through the lens of major themes such as conflict, globalization, and contemporary issues of our time. Students in this class focus on improving literacy skills as well as writing skills. There are often creative projects that help students learn in a hands-on manner.

End of The World

This is a year-long course focused on the quaternary period (the last 250,000 years) on Earth and the history of climate policy, mainly in the United States. Students will look at case studies of some of the most pressing environmental issues of the past and present. Students will take a holistic and multi-perspective approach to these issues. There will be a culminating project at the end of the year in which students must propose their own legislature to the state regarding an environmental sustainability issue of their choice.

Important Links & Resources

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Re-assessment Application


1. ZERO TOLERANCE CELL PHONE POLICY. Cell phones are checked in with the teacher at the beginning of class. No exceptions. Guardians are invited to call the Main Office during class hours.

2. Arrive on-time to class.

3. Do not abuse bathroom privileges, or else they will be revoked.

4. There will be absolutely no name-calling, derogatory language, or otherwise abusive language in my classroom.



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